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Tēma: Outclip Drift Package ARTR
Forums Tirdziņš Pārdod
Autors Ziņojums
10. maijā, 23:31
Chassis had only 1 testing session on carpet track so it’s basically new. Drives good, and with well adjusted settings can be a very competetive chassis.

Outclip conversion, with hand polished aluminium parts makes it look a little better, than a stock DP. When I bought all the parts, I was planning to make this as much the same as Roberto's Ken Sugiura's plastic RWD dori pake.

Here's is the “more interesting” part list:
OUTCLIP conversion kit
Polished Wrap-Up front arms V1
Polished, freshly rebuilt Yokomo SSS dampers.
Polished Team Suzuki steering wipers with custom made extenders.
Polished Aluminium Rear Spool
Plastic MST front knuckles
Polished spur gear adapter
RIDE and Yokomo springs *see attatched photo*
Brand new Active Hobby front and rear shock tower *see photo*
Active hobby body mount tower bar *see photo*

Parts that you will get in the part’s box :
Some CVD’s in case you want to run CS
Spare ball bearings
Brand New front one way diff
2 brand new spur gears
Some spare turnbuckles
Brand new magnet body posts
Some ordinary springs (pretty stiff one’s)
Lots of turnbuckle end’s (car is already fitted with yokomo white one’s)
Front and rear lowed suspension arms ( Type B and Type C one’s)
Custom made L Shaped parts for suspension link in the rear
KK aluminium main shaft ends
Lot’s of suspension pins
Also additional screw box with many sorted screws taken from another Yomomo chassis.

Model also comes with:
Yokomo S15 body. Pretty beaten up, but perfect for training sessions.
Yokomo R4 2pcs of tyres
HPI t-drift 2pcs of tyres
RC-art wheels set
MST wheels set

Savox 1251MG servo
YeahRacing Hackmoto sensored 13.5 motor
SpeedPassion Reventon PRO esc with programming box.

Price: 500 eur + shipping . Paypal or bank transfer. Buyer pays the fee.

Building DP ....
19. maijā, 15:46

Building DP ....
05. jūnijā, 10:23
480 incl. shipping
Building DP ....

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